Lessons in Motherhood

Mom says…
being a new mom is no joke. yup, i got all giddy and excited when we took Lucas home for the first time. little did i know that there will more than hugs and kisses and sleepless nights that awaits me. so far, here are some lessons from my first 2 months of being a new mum:

> the first month is the most challenging. birth pains doesn’t end in the delivery room. it starts there.
> a new mum should really have somebody to help her around the house or with the little boy. i didn’t have any house help or relative to help me around. it’s physically, emotionally and psychologically stressful.
> eat, rest, relax and be happy. especially if you’re breastfeeding. Luke’s new pedia emphasized that babies are highly emphatic. they can sense every bit of tension that mum has. you don’t want your baby to feel stressed this early.
> have a strong emotional support. you never know when post partum moods will kick in. mine is Luke’s goofballdaddy.
> learn not to be a praning mum. i am..or was. i’ll blog more about this soon.
> forgive yourself. not all new mums feel the fulfillment of motherhood immediately, especially if sleepless nights or breastfeeding, diaper-changing and baby-swinging translates to tears, crankiness and frustration. hey, this is a big change that we are undergoing. there will always be a learning curve. if it feels that the little one doesn’t seem to appreciate it yet, he does. he just doesn’t know how to show it yet. in a few weeks time, you’ll be able to see his appreciation.

i learned these and more the hard and tearful way. but hey, at least i learned. 🙂 more lessons to come!


heeere’s Lucas

mom says…

after 37 weeks of waiting, here’s our little jedi who is so cute, so adorable and, as early as 2 weeks, has shown tons and tons of personality.


mom says…im maggie and welcome to our blog! my husband mike and i are newbie parents to 1 month old lucas. we, or at least i, recently got interested reading mommy blogs and got inspired. with a few “idle” time left for me during the day, i thought it would be nice to start our own blog about being in this new, crazy, fun and sometimes tearful event in our lives, also known as parenthood. hubby will also be contributing so i hope that makes reading more interesting. hehe. so join us as we learn the tips and tricks in parenting, discovering and loving lucas’ milestones and practically blog about anything under the sun (including the sun). enjoy!